Saturday, October 23, 2010


Father created the world and all of His handiwork in six days.
Father rested on the seventh day and said all His work was good.
Father promised to make Abraham the father of many nations.
Father chose Noah to save those of His creation who were faithful to Him.
Father promised to never flood the earth again!
Father called His people out of Egypt and gave them the Promised Land.
Father walked and talked through prophets many times.

Father sent His only son to become human and live out His love on Earth.
Father allowed His son to be crucified by those He had created.
Father raised His son from the dead and redeemed our lives.
Father gives us eternal life when we chose to love, trust and obey Him.

Father had faith in His creation. Father loves us so much that He gave us everything and is asking for us to hand it back to Him in faith!

By faith, we should all consider what we can give back to Father. Besides our love, trust and obedience, He desires for us to relinquish control of our pocketbooks to Him.

By our faith, Father uses our faithful giving to reach over 150 world areas.
By our faith, Father provides for missionaries and mainly other faithful workers.
By our faith, Father reaches those who are unreachable and saves those who are lost!

Have you prayed about what Father would have you give? This isn't a pledge - it is a FAITH PROMISE! A promise to have FAITH that your Heavenly Father will provide what He is asking you to give. Hasn't He always done that for you?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Something smells!

Many years ago, I lived in Texas. I was in the Army and pregnant with my oldest son, Patrick, who is now 16. I lived in off-base housing and on the way to work one day, I obliterated a skunk who moved a little too slowly. Now, I don't know about any other ladies, but being pregnant heightened my sense of smell a lot! I washed that car so many times it was squeaky clean on the outside and yet... I could still smell the skunk. As time went on, others could not smell it, but that smell was SEARED into my "smell memory." I could still smell that skunk two years later when I sold the car.

Paul says that as Christians, we are like this smell that lingers. (2 Corinthians 2:14-16)

For those who are lonely, without hope, and looking for a source of unconditional love, we are a sweet aroma. The presence of Father's love flowing through us fills them up and lingers, even as we move out of their presence. Our Heavenly Father is able to take our testimony, our life filled with His love, and create a longing in that person for what we have.

For those who are running from their Heavenly Father, those who do not wish to surrender to His will for their lives, our smell becomes like the stench of death. We do not stink like the skunk, but we are a reminder to them of their choice. Father is able to convict others just by the holiness we absorb and exude on a daily basis.

When we deviate from living in holiness, it gives these persons a reprieve from Father's conviction - an ability to continue excusing their sinful decisions.

My goal is to smell like the sweetest sweet to those who are seeking Christ, and to stink like the stinkiest dead skunk to those who are running from Christ. Father loves them and wants to use me to show them how happy, fully loved, and joy-filled we can be as Christians! I want to leave the aroma of my Heavenly Father in others' "smell memories."

What do you think of this? Can you relate to a time in your life when someone's aroma of Christ lingered on you and pulled more deeply into a relationship with Him? Please share in the comments section if you are comfortable doing so...



Saturday, August 28, 2010

Come to the Fire!!! Fort Wayne, Indiana

Should you attend this conference? YES! If you are a women of any age, church, or denomination desiring a holy heart, you should plan to attend Come to the Fire in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The dates are September 30 - October 2. Women from across the United States, Mexico and many other countries receive strength and renewal at each Come to the Fire Conference. I hope to see many of my friends there!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is Holiness Overrated? by Louie E. Bustle

I love to write and Father gives me many things to say in my blog. Today, however, I am going to post with permission an article written by Louie E. Bustle, Global Mission Director, Church of the Nazarene.



"I'm not perfect; just forgiven." It was once a popular slogan, a hip phrase for refrigerator magnets and bumper stickers. It sounded so humble and good. But was it? Was it merely an introduction to twenty-first century relativity, where anything goes and all will be forgiven someday?

Christian leaders are forced into an arena where the mention of holiness is often accompanied by the wink of an eye. And outright skepticism accompanies the word "perfect." After all, are we not to fill our auditoriums with "happy campers" - at the cost of biblical preaching?

Final answer: No.

God called His people to holiness, and He has called His preachers to proclaim that message in the power of the Holy Spirit. The calling hasn't changed. God calls us to be holy and to be in a right relationship with Him and with others.

The holiness message has always been needed, but perhaps never more so than today. This is an age of "live-ins" and "sell-outs," a time when our young are seeking a moral compass. Of course the church must be relevant, but at what price? In an age of "branding," our brand should always be Christ-likeness with a surrendered and obedient heart that is free from the tangles of sin.

Jesus died to give us more than forgiveness. He embraced the cross so that we might "participate in the divine nature" (2 Peter 1:4) and "be holy because [he] is holy" (1 Peter 1:16).

Holiness Summits are springing up all over the world. The reports on these holiness conferences give us hope that God is moving among Wesleyan leaders to reclaim the message of heart holiness.

Finally, the preaching and teaching of holiness is absolutely vital to today's evangelism. A holy heart is the way to personal peace, daily empowerment, and the fulfillment of relationships. Those who minister must share this life-changing message. Holiness is God's requirement and provision. That can never be rated too highly.

- Louie E. Bustle, Global Mission Director


Today in my Scripture reading, I started the book of Ruth in the Old Testament. In the prologue to Ruth, she is described as follows: "She strikingly exemplifies the truth that participation in the coming kingdom of God is decided, not by blood and birth, but by the conformity of one's life to the will of God through the "obedience of faith" (NASB). What a testimony for a foreigner drafted into the genealogy of Christ! This "obedience of faith" is part of holiness we are to live as Christians drafted into Father's kingdom.

May today be a day of recognizing Father's love for you, and living in the "obedience of faith" He desires from you. IT IS POSSIBLE to live a perfect, holy day in Christ!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Am Becoming a Priest!

“You will be for Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” Exodus 19:6

In Exodus 19, Israel set up camp and Moses climbed up the mountain to God. By the way, aren’t you thankful we do not need to climb a mountain to find God? The Lord spoke to Moses and gave him these words to say to the people: “I’ve shown Myself to you in a very real way, saving you from bondage with evil. You have seen My awesome miracles in Egypt and beyond. There can be no doubt in your minds that I exist. Since you know I exist and you know that you are special to Me and you know that I love you, trust My commandments. Understand that these commandments are given for your own good and obey them. If you do this, you will become unique and different from others and they will know you are special to Me. When those people look to you and see that you are special, they will want to know why you are different. They will want to be special to Me too! You will take on the role of priests to them and carry Me forth that they may know Me as well” (Exodus 19: 3-6, summarized in my words).

These words written thousands of years ago can be applied to us as individual Christians as well as The Church in today’s world. I too have been saved from the bondage of evil and sin. I have witnessed many miracles, but even if I had not seen a single miracle of physical healing, the transformation in my heart is the biggest miracle of all! As a Christian, I am different from those people who have not yet decided to follow Christ. Not better, but different and unique. Those who see this difference in my Christ-like walk will want to know why I am different. Father has assigned me as His priest to share with others why I am transformed and let them know it can apply to them.

So why did Father designate me as a priest? When I think of the role of a priest, a few things come to mind. In reading through Exodus and Leviticus, I see what the priests’ job expectations are and what is required of me as Father’s priest.

1. The priest must be purified and cleansed from all sin.
2. The priest must be sanctified and made holy on a daily basis.
3. The priest must have the character of Christ in all aspects.
4. The priest must wear the exact garments designated by God.
5. The priest must sacrifice of material things
6. The priest must commit to loving and serving others.
7. The priest must be a mediator.
8. The priest must represent God before those who are not cleansed and sanctified.
9. The priest must represent those are not cleansed and sanctified before God.

The Old Testament Scripture was very specific about what priests should wear as their clothing. In the New Testament, I find Father’s specific list for me – the clothing I should wear as His priest in this world. Keep in mind that this list of armor Father provides me with is NOT defensive! It is offensive. If I put on armor, I am suiting up to go to war. I know the battle is here and I am preparing to fight. I will not be caught unawares by the enemy; rather I am prepared through this armor to hold steadfast and push back against enemy lines, causing the enemy to retreat.

Here is what I need to be a priest for Father and represent Him to those who need Him:

1. Truth
2. Righteousness
3. Knowledge of the Word
4. Faith
5. Salvation
6. The Word
7. Prayer and petition at all times
8. Full of the Spirit

Isn’t that just like my loving Father, to give me a job position in His kingdom, spell out the job description, and give me the tools I need to fulfill the job?

Oh, yes, one more thing… this isn’t a singular role. He asks all Christians to be His priests throughout His kingdom! Are you adequately prepared to be a priest for those around you who don’t know Father? If you are living as a priest, they will approach you and ask what is different. Do you have your armor on? Are you spending times in the Word each day? Do you speak the truth in all situations? Does Father’s righteousness pour out of you consistently? Do you have faith – the willingness to see the potential for someone even if it isn’t reality?

Tough questions to ask, I know, but if Father wants us to be His priest, then we need to know His expectations for the job and be working hard on following them each day.